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  1. queenVandry

    2 flat shipping rates

  2. queenVandry

    2 flat shipping rates

    Is there a way where I can set a flat shipping rate for my country-of-origin orders and another flat rate for international orders? Please help :rolleyes: :blink: :)
  3. queenVandry

    Free shipping EXCLUDING international shipping

    Hi Chris, thank you for your quick response but I don't mind shipping to other countries...just not for FREE. I offer FREE shipping on orders over $30 and I do not want them to be eligible for this. Any suggestions, or does the same apply?
  4. I downloaded this contribution Free Shipping w/ Minimum Amount. I wanted to know if there was a way I can edit it to exclude countries other than that of the store. International shipping is a little too pricey. Please help :) :blush: :rolleyes: Vandry www.royalaccessonline.com
  5. Can I get anyone to add this contribution to my site for me. I'm traumatized by the most recent experience I've had with trying to install contributions on my own. PLEASE HELP! :blush: :) :blush: Vandry www.royalaccessonline.com
  6. How do I add my "Follow Us On Twitter" badge to my site? :/

  7. Can you give me a step by step (really really A-B-C steps) on how to get free shipping on my website? I'm super lost :(