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  1. I've just installed oscommerce-2.2rc2a and STS (no other add-ons). I installed the Authorize.net SIM module, put in my correct information (I double-checked), and then tried to process an order (I put my authorize.net account into test mode). The shopping cart allowed me to select the Credit Card (Processed by Authorize.net) on the payment information step and then it sent me to the confirmation step (never asking for a credit card number, mind you). On the Confirmation step I pressed the confirm order button and was greeted with a page that says "The following errors have occurred. (14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid." Store is at http://www.AJSportsZone.com/catalog. I'm sure I must have missed something, but can't tell what. More settings: Transaction Server = live Transaction Mode = live Transaction Method = capture Payment Zone = none Set Order Status = processing Thanks!!!