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  1. Hello, I required to generate multiple attribute drop down box in the product detail page without page refresh. In the detail when user click on the product,it see the product detail product detail page user able to select the product attribute and purchase a product.this is the default functionality of the oscommerce. User could not able to select the different attributes at one time.User could not able to purchase the same product with different attributes & different quantity at one time.In the current functionality of oscommerce all the process is repeated for purchase same product with different attributes. Help me to create a drop down box for select the different attributes for the same product.In this functionality user click on one link and the attribute drop down box generate.when user click on the add to cart button at that time all the selected attribute with different quantity added into cart. If this requirement fulfil by the any contribution then please guide me. Thanks ,
  2. Hello, First of all check your language file in this way includes/languages/your language file/index.php, check that index.php file are available or not. solution-- is No.then copy the index.php file of other language & change the content language in your language. Try It.
  3. Hi, In the oscommerce any add-ons available for display the feature brands & products.any solution for display the feature products & brands in the oscommerce. i hope you find out the way.
  4. Hi, Is there any idea about the single product discount in the oscommerce. If any idea about the how to apply the discount to the single product. Is there possible than reply me. Parthiv_patell.
  5. Hi, I have use the Hebrew language pack for Oscommerce.I install this pack but it not work properly.when i click on the index page the page is blank.some page language convert successfully but the index page & other more are not converted successfully. Please help me for the solve this problem to convert the language. Parthiv_patell.