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  1. I think I see it. Just delete the extra zones that now show up in Locations / Taxes > Zones Thanks anyway
  2. Hi All, I just successfully did the dhtml_state_selection mod. It works well except that there are States/Provinces in the drop-down list that are not in any of our defined shipping zones (also using Multi-Geozone-Multi-Table Shipping). We only ship to US States. How can I delete the others from the list? Thanks
  3. jonasgrumby

    Can't get Linkpoint API to switch into SSL mode

    Good to know thanks.
  4. jonasgrumby

    Can't get Linkpoint API to switch into SSL mode

    Working now thanks.
  5. jonasgrumby

    Can't get Linkpoint API to switch into SSL mode

    I got the 553 error worked out with the hosting company but don't know what needs to be in /includes/local/configure.php Thanks
  6. jonasgrumby

    Can't get Linkpoint API to switch into SSL mode

    I added the s to the HTTPS_SERVER URL and I presume that I should set ENABLE_SSL to true, but when I try to upload the updated file, my FTP client says 553 Can't open that file: Permission denied. The only thing I have in /includes/local is a readme file. There is no configure.php. What is configure.php supposed to contain? Thanks
  7. jonasgrumby

    Can't get Linkpoint API to switch into SSL mode

    Thanks @geoffreywalton. Probably not since this is the first time I am hearing about it. Will check that out right now.
  8. jonasgrumby

    Can't get Linkpoint API to switch into SSL mode

    What I have running is Linkpoint Secure Credit Card Processing. I do not have Linkpoint Connect Off Site activated. The contribution is: Oscommerce Contribution Linkpoint Connect by DJ Alex linkpointconnect@yahoo.com Off site processing module added by Matt Fletcher from http://the.ecartz.biz/ Thanks
  9. I have installed the Linkpoint API add-on and made the change in checkout_payment.php and also updated all of the settings in LinkPoint Connect, but it is still going to http rather than https for the screen where the credit card info has to be entered. I was able to put an order through with the test cc number 411111111111 and everything works except that it does not switch into SSL mode. Any ideas? I tried setting the submission URL to checkout_payment.php (which is what it seems like it should be ) as well as checkout_confirmation.php (which is what the readme says). Neither changed anything. Thanks
  10. jonasgrumby

    MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping setup

    IMO it's sort of a flaw in OS Commerce, but the user has to enter it manually, which means that if you create a custom zone the end user needs to know the name or abbreviation and enter it (somehow, since it's not displayed anywhere). The zones should really be in a drop-down so that the user can't possibly get it wrong.
  11. jonasgrumby

    Restrict Delivery on certain products

    Thanks Burt. I'll look into that. I'm finding that fine-tuning OSC requires more knowledge of PHPMyAdmin than the other cart & CMS systems I've worked with, but once you get a handle on it you can make some really nice mods.
  12. I have a client who sells snacks and drinks. For the drinks he only wants shipping to be available to the local free delivery zone (which I have set up w/ the MultiGeoZone / MultiTable shipping module). For anyone outside the local area he wants them to know that the drinks can't be shipped. The problem is that the cases of drinks are cost prohibitive to ship. We actually sort of set this up on his old site by assigning a weight of 100 pounds to each of the drinks and adding a message on the product descriptions of those products, as well as on the home, shopping cart and checkout pages. If someone outside of the local area ignored all those messages and put the drinks into their cart they would get a very high shipping charge at checkout. We feel though that this would more likely make them dump the whole order than to be smart enough to go back and remove those items from the cart. I know, the problem is that OSC can't know that they are outside of the local zone until they try to check out. If anyone knows of a more slick way to handle this please let me know. I'm looking at the Restrict Delivery shipping module which says: Any order containing one or more "restricted" products will have only a subset of options available, as defined by the configuration key RESTRICT_DELIVERY_SHIPPING_METHOD--a semicolon-delimited list of allowed delivery methods. What we ideally want is for any order containing one or more "restricted" products to kick back a message saying that the customer must remove those items from the cart in order to complete checkout. Maybe there's a way to fine-tune the Restrict Delivery module to give them this message instead of offering other shipping options. I don't know enough about the module to know the answer to that. Any advice or ideas? Thanks
  13. jonasgrumby

    Free Shipping and Other options

    I just set up the MultiGeoZone / MultiTable add-on which lets you create custom zones and also lets you choose how many shipping methods you want to offer per zone. Seems to work well. I created a custom zone for free local shipping as well as 6 other US zones. Not sure what criteria you use to decide if the shipping is free but you can create rate tables based on weight, price, or item count, so you could say that over a certain number of items or over a certain dollar total qualifies for free shipping, or you could say that delivery to a specific zone qualifies for free shipping. HTH
  14. jonasgrumby

    MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping setup

    Got it all sorted out. Thanks. I guess there's no way to mark a thread resolved on this forum...
  15. jonasgrumby

    Table Rate shipping for multiple zones

    No need for this any more. I finally got the MultiGeoZones / MultiTable shipping module to work. Thanks.