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  1. Ian, Believe it or not I got spidered again by google, no index, no anything when I search google for me site, but thats besides the point. I noticed that while they were re-spidering me, they lost the session Id's only when viewing the product_info pages. When the bot hit a category page and transferred to the cpath, they picked up the Sid again. Granted, there is no info on my cpath area that would make good content for an index, but it caused them to loop around again. Just some input as to what is going on. Like i said though, they are losing the sid's on product_info.php but as far as I can tell, this is the only page they lose it on.
  2. I want to do this so bad I can taste it, I just am loseing time by the day and cant find enough to do it myself. I love the product price change, it just makes life grand. I wanted to make it to where you had the on/off buttons listed in this contribution so when a product ran out of stock or was discontinued you could switch it off with this avenue of approach. I do this while I am changing prices and usually get a huge list of products that get discontinued. They add a string of lace to something and the rename it, give it a new picture and call it a different name, what a pain this is... :lol: This is just an idea for anyone who thinks they can tackle it fairly quickly.