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  1. Lichy

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack - I do appreciate that you try to help me, but I must say I have serious problems and no idea what to do. Now I even doubt if on test installation it is OK. In right column of a sitemap I have links which are chosen in pages group control. If I exclude a page it then disappears from the sitemap, if I include this page again then it returns to the sitemap. That is all what I can see in my test shop. Tell me please - should these links be displayed in groups in a sitemap? In my test shop there are no groups - they are displayed one by one. I can only change the sort order - it works fine. And in actual shop I have only left column (categories and products) the right one is empty. Select which box from the dropdown list? I may select whatever but nothing happens. I completely do not understand how it shoul work.
  2. Lichy

    Sitemap SEO

    I think I did everything accordingly to install.txt. Is there any other instruction to this contrib? You mean I did not run SQL file? I executed it with phpMyAdmin and got a success message. Then I tried to execute sitemap_seo_install.php and I got a message that contrib is already installed and "installation aborting". Obviously I did all other steps of the instruction except step 7 (creating a link in information box - I want to perform it later, I do not want people to see the uncompleted site map). Jack - I really don't know what is going on.
  3. Lichy

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi I have installed Sitemap SEO v1.7 in my TEST shop which is a copy of a shop for testing only. A few days later I decided to install this contrib to my actual shop and I something went wrong. On the sitemap page there is only one column displayed (left column with categories and products). There is only empty place where the right column should be. And earlier in my test shop I had both columns, and all other pages were displayed in the right column. Now I have no idea what is wrong? Is there anybody who can help?