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  1. Hey there!

    Actually yes, I did, but I am sorry to say I had a developer do it for me! So, I'm afraid I cannot be too much of a help here :/


    Multiple prices in product view list

    First of all, thanks a MILLION to claynomi, for being so kind and posting the solution to his own problem, just to help others who might meet the same problem as well! I did! :) I added your code and what it does is removing the price from the product LISTING. That's cool when that's what you need ;) What about being able to present ALL 3 PRICES that have been set in the product attributes? I want to make them appear both in the product listing AND the product description. Any ideas anyone?! :)
  3. Dear everyone, hello! I tried to find a module on the net that would allow me to add a thumbnail that is different from the product image and not automatically created. Why? Well, simpy because the photographs of the image have an environment. I want to be able to create the thumbnail manually (so that I can focus on the product itself) and then add the thumbnail as a different file. It would still be helpful if I knew that all thumbnails are stored in a certain folder, but if I check out the thumbs' URLs, they seem to be generated dynamically... Anyone got any ideas on this? Any helpful hint? Or is there a module that can help me out in this case? Thanks a lot in advance :) Dimitris