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    Shipping Manager

    there is a contribution for puch button order comments. You click a button and it adds the comments and changes the status of the order sending the regular status change email. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...search,comments
  2. mattwho

    Recover Cart Sales

    Sounds like you are missing a define.
  3. mattwho

    Payflow Link - all inputs are invalid

    according to the versign website you don't need SSL for Payflow Link
  4. mattwho

    [contribution] Total B2B

    Anyone know how to get the column listings instead of rows?
  5. mattwho

    [contribution] Total B2B

    similar thing happens on product_info.php
  6. mattwho

    [contribution] Total B2B

    I used a contribution to lost my products in columns nad with B2B the product_listing pages are blank and the right column is missing. If i go back to my old product_listing.php it works. Is there a way to get it to work with the columns?
  7. mattwho

    Livehelp - what do numbers mean?

    If you are using Crafy Syntax Live Help that number is the number of pages they have been on.
  8. mattwho

    USPS Not Working

    Did you email USPS and ask to be moved to the production server?
  9. I have UPS and FEDEX working but for USPS I get the error unless the customer's address is outside of the US. I have changed the USPS.php file from SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP to STORE_ORIGIN_ZIP and SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY to STORE_ORIGIN_COUNTRY as the previous fields were not in my Database. If anyone can help I have been working on this for 2 months with no results. Tired of losing business due to high cost of shipping with UPS and FEDEX. I have searched the forum and none of the fixes seem to help me.
  10. PLEASE HELP!?!?!?!?
  11. Does anyone who programs in PHP more than I want to help? I get a valid response from USPS but still get an error on the site for domestic shipments.
  12. mattwho

    USPS Module ~ Test Server

    The test server only works with specific zip codes and weights. Just call or email USPS and tell them you are using oscommerce and request they set you up on the production server.
  13. mattwho

    UPS problem

    Do your products have the weight set?
  14. mattwho

    Thumbnail Contribution Code ?

    This is the part that needs to be inserted.
  15. I use FedEx and UPS for shipping. I want to give my customers an option to choose partial shipping so that if part of their order is out of stock we will ship what we have now and the rest when it is availible. this way they can choose whether or not they want to wait for everything to be availible before it is shipped or not. Ideally I would like it to add a charge for this. Has anyone done this or know how?
  16. mattwho

    usps methods

    USPS Methods works perfectly for International shipping only?!?!
  17. mattwho

    usps methods

    I installed the USPS Methods contribution. I set it to send me an email of the response from USPS This is what I get However on my site it just shows
  18. mattwho

    usps methods

    The original USPS module would not work either. UPS and FEDEX work perfectly.
  19. mattwho

    Extra Charge for Partial Shipping

    What i am looking for is much simpler than this. All i want is a check box or something for partial shipping. When clicked it will ad a charge to the order.
  20. mattwho

    USPS Module

    This is all over the forum. In the directions that come with your webtools user name it says the test sever will only accept a certain query. You can email webtools and tell them you are using oscommerce and ask to be moved to production server.
  21. mattwho

    usps methods

    Who wrote usps methods?
  22. mattwho

    usps methods

    I get rates as shown in the xml response but the module just isn't showing them. In the install directions it states i did this and I recieve an email with this but site still says UPS and FEDEX work fine
  23. mattwho

    usps methods

    has no one had this problem?
  24. mattwho

    PayPal streamlined functionality

    it does but i beleive you need a contribution like paypal_shopping_cart_ipn
  25. When I create an account and click submit it goes to this URL www.1athena.com/admin/HTTPS_SERVER/admin/create_account_process.php I can't figure out why. it should be www.1athena.com/admin/create_account_process.php