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  1. Padams7

    Error with new installation

    Double check your Login ID, and Transaction Key - and I have Enable Authorize.net Credit Card SIM, True Also, have you set up yor MD5 Hash? I have my orders still set to Pending - but thats basically it, all my other information is as yours is. My payments are working fine, and going through, EXCEPT, when it redirects them to my checkoutsuccess.php I get the broken images (see other thread about it) The only thing I am thinking, was when I set mine up, I never went into "test mode" @ Authorize.net - I just made a product cost $1.00 and added 5 cents shipping and gave it a few shots on my credit card, then voided them in the a.net control panel.
  2. Padams7


    Depending on your A.net redirect page you probaly are having a conflict there. Example - the module may send the order totals to A.net for processing with a redirts URL of yourstore.com/catalog/success.php Yet @ A.net you manually entered this to be yourstore.com/success.php Go ahead and log into your Authorize.net account - Go to Settings Then under Transaction Response Settings my page looks like this: (Click Edit to define a default URL value.) Default Receipt URL Edit (Click Edit to define a default URL value.) Default Relay Response URL Edit I do not have any URLs listed. Same thing goes under the Receipt Page, Receipt Method, Default Recipent Link URL is blank. Try that and let me know if you capture the order then are sent to a which sucess page with broken links :P
  3. Padams7

    Authorize.net broken images

    I just set this up earlier and am having the same problem - It has something to do with the redirect information after the confirmation page being sent to A.net, then being redirected to success.php being unsercure and not showing the images. I sent an email to one of the SIM contributors, will post here if I get a reply.
  4. Good afternoon - The company I work for also sells wholesale - Basically what I would like to do is to have the category for a Viper, but when they click it, have them forwarded to my vendor that has exclusivity to that product. Basically have all my products that I sell in their respective catergories, but I also would like to put up Viper, SSR, Prowler and a few others that would be hyperlinks to outside sites. I can probably do this by editing the catergories.php file, but was wondering if there is an easier solution for the future.