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  1. Thanks Mark, I can now see what is happening on github, and my frustrations are subsiding. I think I will go to work and re-schedule some time next week. George - The PR thing was ony an observation not a criticism, the most important thing is always the code, and I have nothing but admiration for the team.
  2. I have taken today off work to spend time installing and assessing V3, will it be released today or should i go to work and re-book the time out for next week? I think if you provide a countdown you should stick to it, you must have known some days ago that you wern't going to make the deadline, a quick update of the countdown page would have kept us all in the loop. I don't want to seem ungrateful, because i really do appreciate all the hard work that everyone is putting into this project, but missing your own launch date rather than altering the date is a PR no no. I upgraded my server to PHP5.3 in anticipation, anyone who rents a root server or cloud server can do the upgrade themselves, it is only those with a hosting account on a shared server that will suffer. If your hosting provider doesn't support 5.3 vote with your feet.