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  1. This is the official Support Forum for http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7425 Hi all, am working with osCommerce sind 2003 and after a couple of ecommerce projects I wanted to be able to automize emails - for almost 5 years I was looking for a simple solution to build automatic email campaigns. Currently between jobs I was able to invest some time to develop MailBeez. MailBeez is a modular system for the implementation of Automatic Aftersales Trigger Email Campaigns. examples: Customer satisfaction surveys after a defined number of days after sending Review Reminder after a couple of weeks Birthday and Season Greetings in connection with Coupon Codes Service Emails for e.g. wearing parts, maintenance updates Customer reactivation emails – make a personal offer e.g. 6 months after last order Payment reminder of e.g. Cash in Advanced or Invoice payments MailBeez supports the development of both Transactional and Recurring Trigger Email Campaigns. Enjoy MailBeez and let me know what you think. Cord
  2. Hey Steve, make sure all core files have been updated to the latest Version of MailBeez to support PHP7.1. Check out https://www.mailbeez.com/documentation/updates for manual updates /cord
  3. sorry for my late reply, havn't received any notification. Please check out the Quick Start Guide https://www.mailbeez.com/documentation/guide-to-getting-started how to adopt your email templates
  4. Google Penalty Fix Last weekend Google introduced penalties for wrong application of rich snippets. This also affected users of the Shoprating Module pre-integrated into the MailBeez core System. The issue has been fixed and the fix is part of the latest MailBeez Version 3.4.2 - just use the built in updater.
  5. a small step further... am happy to announce: MailBeez V2.9.9-3 released [23.03.2015: VERSION 2.9.9-3] Enhancements: - allover performance improvements - improved caching for apps.mailbeez.com API - improved commerce-seo compatiblity - improved Gambio Integration - improved customer insight V2.71 - shopvoting V3.57 - framework enhancements Bugfixes - removed PHP5.4 warning - fixed bug when testing PHPMailer SMTP those having the latest Version installed will see an update notification in their MailBeez admin and can easily update with some clicks. For updating from older Versions (< 2.9.3) please download the latest quickstart package from www.mailbeez.com and follow the included update instructions - all easy! cheers cord
  6. it is the complete entry defining if a specific email was sent or not
  7. hi Daman, all modules track their sendings for the unique event (combination of order id and status). so unless you have delete the tracking data in mailbeez_tracking they should not try to contact past customers that have already been emailed. however when you are in simulation mode you are in your "own" tracking-world, which you can re-start at any time. make sure not to get confused here.
  8. think it depends on the server configuration if this would work or not
  9. hi Damanc, please check DIR_FS_CATALOG in your /includes/configure.php - seems to be empty? you need to set it to "/home/XXX/public_html/"
  10. proudly releasing MailBeez Cloudloader Install & Update: Install & Update MailBeez with a Click Rock-Solid solution with several pre-checks and automatic backup of /mailhive Only files within /mailhive will be updated! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9143 Install and Update MailBeez on osCommerce 2.2 and 2.3 with a click! Please follow the included instructions (EN and DE), basically just upload following files: catalog/admin/mailbeez.php catalog/mailhive/ catalog/mailhive.php add the admin menue entry and you are ready to get the latest MailBeez Version installed. Updates to future Versions of MailBeez can be done with a click! When updating a number of checks are performed to make sure the update will be successful. Also a backup-zip of the current /mailhive installation is created. Only files within /mailhive will be updated!
  11. New screen-video showing the power user interface of BeezDesk CRM:
  12. after almost a year of developing am now proud to present: Annoucement: BeezDesk CRM by MailBeez http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8957 Features BeezDesk CRM lite (free) Customer Insight Plugin with CRM Pad (one-code-line ! installation on top of mailbeez) customer centric overview of orders, purchased products, MailBeez Email history extensible based on modules (hook in your own systems) BeezDesk CRM Pro (very affordable) multichannel Ticket system supporting Email, Chat, Facebook, Twitter and Phone see all your communication right within your oscommerce admin (!!!) answer on tickets right within your oscommerce admin Notes, todos, reminders (CRM Features) Customer analytics reporting ...and more stay tuned! cheers cord
  13. hi ulf, sorry for not replying here - simply did not get any notification. We have already solved the issue through the mailbeez help desk, right? regards cord
  14. I would say the encoding of your store is different from UTF-8? try to choose "empty" (automatic) encoding in mailbeez > configuration > email engine
  15. actually I did not receive any notifications - need to contact harald to solve this
  16. MailBeez V2.9.4 Just released the new MailBeez V2.9.4 – easy updating with new simplified update procedure. and good news for oscommerce 2.3.3.x users: the installation is now 100% drop in thanks to the admin menu plugin - no code changes required! Enhancements: admin menu plugin for osCommerce 2.3.3.x improved mobile statistics improved template engine for upcoming integrations framework enhancements new simplified update procedure
  17. BeezDesk CRM Customer Insight CE V.15 released (Community Edition - free) Download: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8957 requires MailBeez V2.9.3+ (free) - download on www.mailbeez.com (zip-file is too big for the addon area on oscommerce.com) About the BeezDesk eCommerce CRM and customer service platform: The extensible BeezDesk CRM Customer Insight add-on helps you to improve both your understanding about your customers and your customer service by giving you a customer centric view about the customer related data in your osCommerce store. The modular Customer Insight view can be opened from any page with customer information (customer, order), while the CRM Pad is available on any store admin page. Developers can easily enhance the Customer Insight view e.g. with modules to pull-in customer related information from 3rd party systems and reduce development efforts to a minimum. There is no need to modify the core files to keep everything easy to update. The Customer Insight view gives you an immediate overview of all orders, products purchased, etc and can be upgraded towards a fully featured professional multichannel ticket system supporting email, live chat, Facebook, twitter, phone calls including web forms, knowledge base, forums and suggestion boards for a real multichannel customer support solution. This allows store owners to consolidate their communication channels and streamline their customer support.
  18. MailBeez V2.9.3 Just released the new MailBeez V2.9.3 – easy updating with the included update-packs. Changes since Version 2.9.2: Enhancements: commerce SEO V2Next compatibility framework enhancements improved CRE Loaded 6.x compatibility support for ZenCart 1.5.2RC (mysqli) smarty 3.1 support improve html code parsing for Outlook compatibility (width and heights attributes are added if dimensions were given only in style attribute) Bugfixes: fixed included birthday module
  19. Bug-Fix: Birthday Modules Happy New Year! Like a bad new years joke the MailBeez Birthday Modules (free and premium) have been sending birthday greetings to customers without a given birthday-date.
  20. we fixed that through the help desk - all issues were related to a new config cache system, which is not yet supported by mailbeez (but hopeful soon will)
  21. Merry Christmas ...and a happy new Year! All the best wishes for the upcoming days! We would like to say a big thank you to all customers, supporters, users and fans for the thrilling year 2013. The plans for 2014 are set with high ambitions and you can look forward to many new developments and improvements! And of course we have not forgotten to set-up a discount campaign (25% off), read more on: if you want to get a preview of what to expect in 2014, try out the BeezDesk CRM customer insight add-on: installed in minutes, drop-in and add some code - done.
  22. MailBeez

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    well, MailBeez works great without any coupon system, but if you would like to sent personalised coupons using one of the premium modules you need to have a coupon system installed, which is supported: http://www.mailbeez.com/documentation/configbeez/config_coupon_engine/ Please let me know if you miss any important coupon system.
  23. MailBeez

    Credit Class & Gift Vouchers for 2.3.4

    MailBeez supports a range of discount / coupon add-ons, see: http://www.mailbeez.com/documentation/configbeez/config_coupon_engine/
  24. Thanks to raymond: just updated the add-on (still version 1.36), but removed an unwanted output "simple". for updating simply overwrite the complete file set or just the file /mailhive/configbeez/config_customer_insight/includes/hooks/PANEL.tpl.html
  25. now the BeezDesk CRM Customer Insight CE is also available in the add-on section: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8957