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  1. pcsadmin

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Again let me say thanks to all who have worked on this contrib as I eat crow. The problem with the shipping quotes was another contrib that modified the flat rate class. This also seems to have fixed the AJAX update stalling problem. I would still like to know if there is a way for the order to be placed in a state that the customer could login and pay for it. Again all assistance is appreciated.
  2. pcsadmin

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    First let me say thank you for the contrib. Wonderful work. I have ran into two issues though installing on v2.2 RC2. One is the shipping_quotes problem that seems to need commenting out. No problem but 5.0.7 says it fixes this issue and I installed 5.0.9b as it seemed to be the latest FULL update to the contrib. I expecteded it to have stayed fixed. By commenting out code and reloading the page, I narrowed the problem to a line in admin/order_editor/shipping.php line 81 that states: $quotes = $GLOBALS[$include_quotes[$i]]->quote($method); Since I only have the flat rate shipping module active (No Fedex, etc.), I am unsure why this line causes problems. Second, When I manually change the Shipping dollar value I get a "Working" overlay, I assume is javascript/ajax but it never completes. Refreshing the page clears the overlay but the value is unchanged. Disabling AJAX and using the Update button works fine. There is a feature I would like/suggest. Is it possible to place the order in a state such that if unpaid, the customer could then login and pay for the order or if the CC info is provided that the CC can be processed from the admin side. I understand the in ability to perform paypal transactions from the admin side. All assistance is appreciated.
  3. I just installed the Customer_Discount contribution and noticed that the tax calculation is still being performed on the subtotal prior to the discount instead of after as needed. I don't know that this is a contribution issue or that that is just what brought it to light. I have search the forum, and tried to follow the code, but I have been unable to determine where the actual tax calculation takes place. There is a tep_calculate_tax function in general.php but I can not find from where it is called. The subtotal is updated properly, and the display order is right. It seems the ot_tax.php is using $order->info['total'] instead of $order->info['subtotal'] Any and all help is appreciated