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  1. canadianvapour

    Bundled products

    it has never worked. the guy that was building this website told me that all of this is beyond his experience and passed it off to me.
  2. canadianvapour

    Bundled products

    im so lost. i have no idea how i got into this so deep. any chance you may be able to help me with the new error?
  3. canadianvapour

    Bundled products

    i have changed all files you suggested and still get 1146 - Table '***********.products_bundles' doesn't exist DELETE FROM products_bundles WHERE bundle_id = '64'
  4. canadianvapour

    Bundled products

    Every time i try and update products with bundles i get : 1146 - Table '*******.TABLE_PRODUCTS_BUNDLES' doesn't exist DELETE FROM TABLE_PRODUCTS_BUNDLES WHERE bundle_id = '63' [TEP STOP] My webmaster cant figure out what to do so i am at the mercy of the forum :) What have i done wrong? the install instructions are not any help i am lost please someone help:(