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  1. zvoivoda

    Country-State Selector

    Well here is what I see on create_account.php page create_account.php and this is what I see on address_book_process.php address_book_process.php ... I don't have the option to select the zone from the drop down menu... any ideas?
  2. zvoivoda

    Country-State Selector

    What a strange thing! I did install the contrib and it works great on create_account.php page, but it doesn't work on address_book_process.php Any ideas what might be wrong?
  3. zvoivoda

    MRMT Shipping v1.101

    Hi All, What happened to "MultiGeoZone MultiTable" shipping module? I did download the files http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2571 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> but there is nothing in MZMT_Shipping_v1-1.100.tar.gz! :rolleyes: