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  1. Hi My name is Zulfan, nice to know you all, i just want to ask about my problems when i login in admin pages, my site is http://dezulma.vacau.com/admin . When i click the link, the site is direct to the google site, i don't understand why did it happen?and if i come in to my admin login page via http://dezulma.vacau.com/admin/login.php , is same direct to google site eventhough i fill username and password correctly, please tell me why did it happen, i'll wait your respons guys, or u can send email to zulfanceo21@gmail.com. Thanks
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    Hai my name Is Ifa, i just want to ask about my problem installation of Osc-Affiliate, when i finished install the interface of my osc-affliate , mainly affiliate menu is aligned to right, i want to move it to be center, how can i do it?what is file i have to edit?please give me answer to my email zulfanceo21@gmail.com. i give u the screenshot of my interface my website