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  1. cijumaya

    manufacturer2 2.0

    ok i fix my problems ..just get a little bit problem in the search area.. that do not search in table manufacturer2
  2. also one more thing and after i stop ;) i can get the drop down to order by date in my product listing in products_new.php but it is not avalaible in index.php for this also can i get an idea of what to do ? many thx ..hope to get ananswer from one of you ;) ciju for those who would like to see in real what i'am talking about i can give you the web adress of the website i am working on (it is not a merchand shop , it is an artist gallery to show arts from designers)
  3. one more question if you please.... i try to find the answer in the topics but it is 90 pages and can't find the good words to make the correct search inside the topic... i think maybe this question has allready been asked.... in my product listing , i can sort products by date_added , name of manufacturer (A-Z & Z-A) and name of product (A-Z & Z-A) when the page loads, my listing show all products that match the request and the dropdown menu let me choose to order the listing either by date , name of manufacturer and name of product ...till there all is ok .... but if i choose to order by name of product or manufacturer my page reload with the new listing ordered , but i cannot anymore choose to re-order it again by date added (only name of manufacturer or product) is there something i mage wrong , or is there something to do to let my customer always be abble to order the listing by date added even they first choose to order it by an other way ? i will be very please if someone can help me on this matter thank you very much ciju
  4. hi everybody...... would be there someone to help me a bit for a problem i don't find solution ( i am not so good in php !!) i use the contribution manufacturer2 that duplicate the manufacturer (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2634) i try to find how i could return the name and _id of manufacturer2 in the product listing is there anyone using this contribution with manufacturers2 ? any suggestion that could help me ? thnks you for your time... sorry for my english skill ! ciju
  5. cijumaya

    manufacturer2 2.0

    hello there , thx for the work ... i would like to know if i can get advise about this problem i have: in products_new.php .... the product_listing module send back all products whatever it is a manufacturer1 or 2 .... the problem i have is : my product listing is supposed to return and write the name of manufacturer .... i get the name of manufacturer 1 but not from manufacturer2 in index.php we filter first to know if isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['manufacturers2_id']) , if so we request the database to return products that match manufacturer 2 can i get advise on how to return manufacturers name and manufacturers 2 name in the request made on products_new thanks a lot , excuse my english skill !!