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  1. Ok, I was being dumb! Had I given it another minute of though... I could have saved myself a post. Problem answered myself. :P
  2. Ok, I simply needed to change the language_id to fit. Now, I read in the categories.php code about applying attributes to a whole category's articles at once. Where and how do I do that. I don't see such an option anywhere in my categories displayed. And I even tried the provided categories.php to make sure, I didn't skip a step or two :-" . Does somebody have it working with attributes to a whole category?
  3. First of... great contribution! Now, down to the problem. I get an empty search for product pop-up, when I click on the link to Product ID Lookup to quick_products_popup.php. No drop down list, no data, just the close window and a Javascript error on missing object on line 39. Any idea how to fix? Thanks in advance.
  4. I did solve the issue with the "Object". Nobody eles seems to care much about the issue. Maybe I was the only one affected.
  5. Serious! Are most of you simply ignoring the issues I am having, or are you not having them? I don't think the contrib is working in a live shop the way it is presently showing on my side. I do show an empty (or rather image specified as "Object") if I do not select an image. So, are you always using all image options or do you always go back to the product and delete all images added to the db as being an "Object"?
  6. I was a bit to quick on conclusions. How about if you do not select an image and it still adds Object to the db? And then if you click on the popup it displays no image but a missing image sign? I name an image Object but that does not solve the problem. It does not simply use the smaller image to popup, but wants the middle size image for all, if I added only one mid size image.
  7. Ok, I found solutions myself on the issues.
  8. I'm glad you figured it out Dave. How about answers to my last post? Do you know more about the issue of faulty images entered in place of no image selected? Or do you know of a way to add a description to each pricture?
  9. Does anybody know, how to add the possibility of an image description. I would want to use the additional images as a description to setup certain products. Therefore, it be necessary to add a short description to the image, explaining the steps. Or do you know an existing contrib which offers this kind of image description? Also, currently when I add additional images ex. 2 images extra, the other images still display as refering to images/Object. How did you get rid of the missing x images.
  10. SwissChris

    [Contribution] Category Descriptions MS2

    I installed the Spawn HTML editor. Now, I need to get it to work with the text field of category descriptions. Who can help me on that? The original text fiel for the product description would look like this: // Output a form textarea field function tep_draw_textarea_field($name, $wrap, $width, $height, $text = '', $parameters = '', $reinsert_value = true) { if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $field .= ' ' . $parameters; $sw = new SPAW_Wysiwyg(tep_output_string($name), stripslashes($text), '', '', '', '', ''); $sw->show(); return $field; }
  11. SwissChris

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    Sorry, regarding my last posting. Had some nasty javascript running from htmlarea :blush:
  12. SwissChris

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    Looks great! Just a little problem on my end. I have osc installed in the root and not /catalog/... It shows up fine on the product description page. And it lets me add images etc... but, when I save, it is not inserted in the db. Therefore, it's not showing up on the catalog - product page. Where could the problem be located? Thanks.
  13. SwissChris

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hmm.. Please help me understand your instructions a little better. Do I understand you right, that each product in osc needs to be matched with quickbooks items? Or, can I just download all products from osc and import them in quickbooks? I tried downloading the products and importing them, but they don't show up under the items. Also strange, the product import on osc worked, but they won't show up to be matched. Is it language specific, the product upload to osc? My default language is 2.
  14. SwissChris

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I am sorry to pick up on an old issue. I hope you got the issue resolved for the German language id. It would be nice if you could post how you resolved the problem. I also do show empty drop downs. Thanks and congrats to your great job!
  15. SwissChris

    Optimization of tep_get_tax_rate()

    Thank your for your last post. I have installed it and it seems to run ok, but I am not all clear on where exactly it does speed up my site. I will trace it a bit further but I would like to know from you - the contributor - were exactly it has an effect on page load speed?