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  1. Having same problem as TopGolfer, everything seems to work except when I buy a gift card nothing is written to the gift_card table. Tried his fix but still not working. Anyone have this problem, know a solution?!
  2. frankiewhathough

    [Contribution] More_pics_6 v1.1 For osC 2.2 MS2

    I am in desperate need of assistance on my website! I'm using more pics and am having big trouble on both the admin and catalog side. When I give a pic a number for the sort order and hit update, it doesn't change. Also can't get images to come up on the pages where all the products for a category are displayed. Many more issues as well, not sure if I should reupload the whole add-on. My site is shopnava.com/catalog. Thanks for your help in advance! I'd also be willing to pay someone if they could assist me even further.