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  1. Hi, Great add-on. I've set this up and works well. I just have a query about international. When I install the module for international standard for example I obviously choose the shipping zone. However i'm provided with just three options (NZ, Australia and the rest of the world). If I choose NZ it won't how up for customers in the USA. More importantly if I set it to rest of world customers in NZ don't get a postage option. I may have missed something, but I can't find how to make the optional applicable to both NZ and rest of world Cheers
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    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Hi everyone. :blink: Newbie to posting so apologies in advance if i stuff this up. I run a heavily modded shop and have loaded up easy poulate and made the relevant changes to the PHP config (at least i think i've done them correctly). The issue we are having is we can export the CSV file no probs and instead of the " it places the # & 34 which is all well and good, however when we upload it changes the inverted comma into an inverted comma and a ' so for example an html reference comes out like this '"http:// rather than just "http:// (i.e. it is adding the ' symbol before any inverted commas throughout the html code. this includes in font codes as well and not just html references, so all inverted commas throught the code). We do run a wysiwyg add on for the product description window (v 1.7 by maxidvd) so unsure if this is an issue? I have looked through the forum and can't find an answer (hopefully i haven't missed it and again appologies if i have). Hopefully my post makes sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i'm pulling my hair out.