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  1. Hey guys, I asking what I hope is an easy question. The last store that I set up was about six months ago and I'm looking for some of the latest and greatest addon info. Here's what I'm planning for my new store: Ultimate SEO URL's Goolge XML SEO Sitemap Easy Populate Some form of litebox addon. Simple Multiple Images with FancyBox? Some form of thumb nailing addon. Will "Additional Images" be my best choice? Google Checkout Google Checkout Only Google Analytics KissMT Google Base Data Feeder FCKeditor Sort Options STS Site Monitor Extra Product Fields Multi Vendor Shipping So my questions are in regards to litebox? Thumbnailing? and do you see any conflicts with any of these and easy populate? Thanks in advance.
  2. JeepSWAG

    Google Analytics module

    Installed this and all works fine with IE and Firefox. The following with Chrome: Works fine if the url is entered as follows: http://jeepswag.com/b/ Error message when the url is entered as: http://www.jeepswag.com/b/ Here's the error: Fatal error: Call to a member function add_current_page() on a non-object in /home1/fouxfixc/public_html/b/includes/application_top.php on line 344 An additional question about Step 4: 4. in the ORIGINAL footer.php place the following script at the end of the file. I'm assuming that this gets placed before the last "?>" I've tried it both ways.
  3. JeepSWAG

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    I've done some digging and can't find anything on this one. I've installed CFCM and it works on the category page, but not on the main page. On the category page the following error is displayed: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class imageTransform in /home1/fouxfixc/public_html/b/includes/classes/flash_carousel_image_resize.php on line 30. No errors and no evidence of the addon being installed on the main page. Here's a link to the category page: http://www.jeepswag.com/b/hardware-c-1.html'>http://www.jeepswag.com/b/hardware-c-1.html Link to main page: http://www.jeepswag.com/b Any help would be appreciated.
  4. The re-install seems to have fixed my previous issue.
  5. Dig the addon idea, but I'm having what seems to be a typical problem. Stated solution is to double check your work, so I've restored files and DB and am re-doing the install right now. Meanwhile I have the following question: Where the instructions tell- My admin/categories.php reads: So here is what I did: Does this look okay?
  6. JeepSWAG

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Looking for a little STS Direction here. Posted the following and was sent here... Here are lines 67 to 79 from "general.php" mentioned in the error report. 67 $sts->template['checkout'] = '<a href=' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING, '', 'SSL') . ' class="headerNavigation">' . HEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT . '</a>'; 68 $sts->template['urlcheckout'] = tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING, '', 'SSL'); 69 $sts->template['headertags']= "<title>" . TITLE ."</title>"; 70 71// Next tags added in v4.3 to display an image according to language and linking to the contact us page. 72 $sts->template['contactlogo'] = '<a href=' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US) . ' class="headerNavigation">' . tep_image(STS_TEMPLATE_DIR.'images/'.$language . 73'/header_contact_us.gif', BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT) . '</a>'; 73 74// Tags generally displayed in the footer. ============================================= 75 // Get the number of requests 76 require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'counter.php'); 77 $sts->template['numrequests'] = $counter_now . ' ' . FOOTER_TEXT_REQUESTS_SINCE . ' ' . $counter_startdate_formatted; 78 79 $sts->template['footer_text']= FOOTER_TEXT_BODY; Here is the code from lines 60 to 68 from from "sts.php" mentioned in the error report. 60 // Now lets remove the </td></tr> at the end of the tableBox output 61 // strrpos only works for chars, not strings, so we'll cheat and reverse the string and then use strpos 62 $tmpstr = strrev($tmpstr); 63 64 if ($formfirst == true) { 65 $tableend = strpos($tmpstr, strrev("</form>"), 1); 66 } else { 67 $tableend = strpos($tmpstr, strrev("</table>"), 1); 68 } anybody see anything that could be causing these errors?
  7. Will post in the STS Forum - Thanks
  8. Has anybody seen these errors? I've googled and nothing coming up. Notice: Use of undefined constant BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT - assumed 'BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT' in /home1/fouxfixc/public_html/a/includes/modules/sts_inc/general.php on line 72 Notice: Undefined variable: formfirst in /home1/fouxfixc/public_html/a/includes/functions/sts.php on line 64 I installed Cool Flash Carousel and the previous message now appears in the page header. Here is a link to the page that shows the error messages: www.JeepSWAG.com/a Thanks -
  9. I've been struggling getting STS and Ultimate SEO URL's 5 to play nicely together. While searching for templates I came across the MNK Edition of OSC. It sounds to good to be true. Anybody using it? and any problems with it? If this isn't the ticket does anybody have a recommendation for something similar? Here's a link to details: http://www.oscommerce-packages.com/turnkey-php-shopping-cart-software-p-104.html
  10. New to osCommerce, but let me start by saying thank God I found it. I tried to work with Magento, but wow what a PITA. Simple Scripted osCommerce and wow, this sure is a ton easier to customize. So, I got my store online. Google checkout only, a free stretchy theme, STS, Lightbox, got some items entered and set the fonts and colors. I then stumbled across Ultimate SEO URL's. Backed everything up then loaded it up. It certainly does a great job of killing the install. Not a surprise as the install instructions clearly indicate that you should install on a clean sterile install. Just thought I'd give it a try... So here are my questions; Is there a thread on "what everybody should know and have" in an osCommerce store. Are there any other "can't live without" addons that I should load before I configure the store? What addon's should I be considering for SEO? Is STS the way to go? Here's my plan of attack and does the installation order matter? 1. Ultimate SEO URL's 2. Load stretchy theme 3. STS 4. Transparent Gifs 5. Lightbox 6. GoogleCheckout 7. Customize fonts, colors - stylesheet.css