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  1. marmalade

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I'm using this PayPal IPN contribution, and I have 2 questions. If someone could help me, it'd be much appreciated. 1. If a customer submits a new order to PayPal, logs in, and clicks CANCEL, the order is still getting created in osCommerce with a status set to "Pending PayPal Notification". This incomplete order is then getting added to my customer's order history, which is very confusing for them. Is this supposed to happen, or do orders only get updated once "Pay" is clicked? 2. I'm using an older version of the mod (v2.4), and I'm wondering whether it's worthwhile upgrading to v3.0, and potentially risk breaking my shopping cart. What's changed, and do you recommend using v2.4 for an operational store? Thanks!
  2. marmalade

    MerchCredit Card Processing Help

    I'm wondering the same thing. If anyone has any insight about affordable merchant solutions for start-up e-Commerce sites in Canada, it'd be much appreciated. So far, PayPal appears to be the cheapest, but I really don't want to use their services if at all possible.
  3. marmalade

    Master Products - MS2

    Here seems to be my answer .. thanks anyway.
  4. marmalade

    Master Products - MS2

    Hey all .. I have the 1.1.5 files installed exactly on my OSC installation, but when I go to update my cart with a slave item, it doesn't appear, and my cart remains empty. I read something about a "logic update" to the application_top.php file .. do I need to use this? Where can I find this patch? Thanks in advance .. asm