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  1. Hello i already have a separate page for the 'about us' section however i would like to add some basic info about us on the index page..preferably in the middle section. currently my index page has 'whats new here' in the middle but that just has products.. does anyone know how i can add-on an info box above the 'whats new here' ? i searched in the info box add on but found nothing. thanks guys!
  2. janewhitman

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, i noticed the googlesitemap addon isnt including the articles/content i published.. I used your article manager add-on 1.0 to create relevant news stories etc to my business...the meat and potatoes if you will.. but its not getting seen by the google sitemap.. what can i do? can i create a xml sitemap just for article manager? or?? thanks again jane
  3. janewhitman

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    i . succcess!! CONGRATULATIONS! All files generated successfully =) thanks ..just took a little extra reading and a bottle of wine =) one last question...i have an old sitemap.xml file i generated a while back..i thought it would be redundant or even wrong..so i renamed it sitemapold.xml is that ok? or should i just remove it from the server?
  4. janewhitman

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    ok..i know where the index file is but im not sure what you mean by 'keep the same directory structure'...do create a new folder called catalog in the root directory? or do i just upload the files from the catalog folder of your add-on into the root directory? sorry if i sound dense..im just a little confused =) jane
  5. janewhitman

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    hi..this is probably a really silly question but i read your instructions on how to install and well everything makes sense except the first step =) 1) Upload all of the files in the catalog directory to the same location on your server. do you mean create a folder in the ..../public_html/ called "catalog" and put all the files in there? i wasnt able to find an existing folder called catalog thanks for any and all help jane