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  1. A friend got this from paypal: The thing is that he uses the standard paypal module, "PayPal Website Payments Standard". and there is no such file there "standard_ipn.php" What I did is to look up for a new paypal module, and I found this one: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7184 Downloaded it, but it doesn't contain such a file as well.. osc_PayPal_v180\catalog\ext\modules\payment\paypal only rp_ipn.php and express.php How to handle this?
  2. Mate you are awesome! Maybe you know how to make a feature that it will change to a default language using this script? For example if the visitor is from US, then it will pick "en". If from France for example, it should post the site in "fr". Can you help? I really need the site to see the visitor's country and switch the default site's language as well as the currency according to his location.