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  1. ChilliWillee

    Paypal App (OSC 2.3.4)

    I have the same problem, how did you fix it?
  2. ChilliWillee

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Thanks Jim. The switcher is working as planned then. If I switch themes, the left and right columns and the header switch to match the new theme, I just wanted to be sure about the products section. There is a template for 2.2 rc2, rounded-osc where the header does not work, but the products seem to work fine, so that may be a workaround if I can roll a theme to match. Thanks for the info. Regards, Leland
  3. ChilliWillee

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    I have installed the jquery theme switcher. Overall it seems to be working, but when I make a theme at ThemeRoller, I don't have any of the directory structure mentioned in the user's manual. I don't have a folder with the name of theme, just a "jquery-ui-1.11.4.custom" folder with an "images" folder and "external" folder inside along with jquery-ui.min.js and jquery-ui.min.css, but there is no jquery.min.js. There are several other files: jquery-ui.css, jquery-ui.js, jquery-ui.structure.css, jquery-ui.structure.min.css, jquery-ui.theme.css, jquery-ui.theme.min.css. Also, when I add a theme all of the columns and header changes, but there is no effect on the products in the centre. Is this normal? Would I be better to go with the bootstrap? osCommerce 2.3.4.