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  1. The contribution is really fantastic as it gives great flexibility to display various options for a product. Really nice work! I've it implemented on my oscommerce copy but having a little problem when I checkout. I can't see the 'text' options value on the orders page after the checkout when I select PAYPAL standard payment method. It works perfectly for COD payment method. When I saw the database table 'orders_products_attributes' it has an entry but the following columns are empty for the said order: products_options products_options_values options_values_price Please be noted that the checkout process shows the values perfectly its only after the order has been confirmed by the customer that this mess is created. Simple to say is that the options value for the text option are not getting into the 'orders_products_attributes' table of the DB. Please let me know if there is a solution to it. Regards, Muhammad Mahd