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  1. Sorry guys, i forgot to translate some words in my last post from german to english: Fehler = Error SQL-Befehl = SQL-Command MySQL meldet = MySQL said Thank you ;) Nicao
  2. Hi YourMother! Iam sorry but ive the same problem by using the posted SQL script, which was described as corrected.. (One Page 11, i think)... i do what poddan1 described: i deleted it. now i take the fixed sql in try to insert it: I'm also gettin an error by using the corrected fixed sql script called: Now i'm trying it a second time: I copy again the fixed sql script and try to put it into the database... Now iam gettin antoher errormessage: If i take the old not fixed sql file to insert it in the database i get the old syntax error... so you see, iam using the fixed version......and gettin altought an error :( Nicao
  3. Hi YourMother! Thank you ;) I already thought something like this *g* But can you imagine why the popup doesnt work? everything else works great... I got no idea, i checked all files for chmod and rewrited them... :( Nicao
  4. P.S.: Here is a link for a demonstartion-product: (because of the empty popup-problem) http://www.splashlite.com/shop/product_inf...products_id/645
  5. Hi! I got still a problem with the fixed MY SQL Script of 'Your Mother'... What does it mean? And i got a second problem: if i click on a product image to enlarge it, the popup which opens is empty... :-( Maybe because of the SQL Error?? Thank you! Nicao
  6. Hi! I had the same problem.. You have to copy the language file into your speech?s directory... Nicao