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  1. My most obvious problem was the loss of product descriptions, but the images would not display in admin either, I was getting an error when it tried to process images. To get the site up I had to reapply the SEO etc contribs to the categories.php supplied with the simple add-on. From my reading of the code differences in the PayPal module the main differences seem to be in the addition of recurring payments, something we don’t use. There is come clash with the paypal module (from the Paypal site) & the simple addon but Im sorry but I failed to nail it down. :blush:
  2. Spooks well on another excellent contribution. :D I have installed this on top of Header Tags SEO, with the Paypal standard payments module. The product_info.php works like a dream but I am having problems with the categories.php. After applying the simple multi image add-on if I edit a product I loose the existing details, description etc on the product & clicking on preview there are lots of other problems. lots of the database record are lost. If I use the supplied categories.php it works properly (but without the SEO etc). I am going blind from WinMerge comparing & stepping through differences, removing the SEO code does not help. But if I strip out most of the newer PayPal code (mostly regarding recurring product types) it is much better. :'( The Id on the Paypal_standard.php in includes\modules\payment is "$Id: paypal_standard.php 1803 2008-01-11 18:16:37Z hpdl $" Anybody come across this & any suggestions?
  3. StrawMan

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Sorry I only spotted this now, you probabally have it fixed by now. But for the record I fixed it by changing E-Mail Linefeeds from from LF to CrLf in the Configuration, E-Mail Options. I suspect this applies to Windows servers. [order emails corrupted with equal sign randomly this breaks the emails] I would reccomend this contribution to any OsCommerce user, well done to Olof and all others involved. :D