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  1. @auzStar Hi Dom Trying to get this module to work with the latest at Burts latest GitHub, but no luck, just doesn;t seem to want to work. Ive installed owl carousel any ideas where I need to look please. Many thanks Grandpa
  2. @@burt Thanks Burt Will PM you. Cheers grandpa
  3. Hi We use free shipping on orders over $99.00 and anything under that total is charged at $9.00 per order What I am wanting to do is (if possible), for one product which sells for less than $99.00 charge a different shipping rate to what would normally be charged (say$4.00 or maybe free shipping). Is this possible and if so what would need to be done ( I havent a clue on where to start). Many thanks Grandpa
  4. @@Jack_mcs Hi Jack I have the module installed V1.6 on live site and 1.7 on test site. What I find with both, is that I am unable to ban countries under tools>ban countries.What I see is a wide box which lists all the countries and a very,very narrow long box to the right, where banned countries are added using the buttons ADD or NEW, all that happens is I get taken back to the tools menu. I suspect I must have done something wrong although I have uninstalled completely V1.6 and replaced with V1.7 stilloblem. Any thoughts, other than that it works brilliantly. Many thanks Grandp
  5. @@CGhoST Hi. burt "built" an addon for me which I suspect from what you say will do exactly what you want. Suggest maybe contact him. Cheers Grandpa
  6. HiI I have Zones (NZ only) for shipping set up with freight free over $99.00. and a code snippet for "you only have $xxxx left for free freight etc... What I'm finding is, (and I suspect nothing to do with the wee code snippet), is that when an order exceeds the freight limit the (installed) Store Pick Up module disappears, it all works fine if the total order is less than the freight free amount. So I "converted" another order total module to "Store Pickup" and the same thing happens. Presumably this is standard for oscommerce, but not really good for the public whos order may be more than the freight free amount but unfortunately if they want to utilize "Store Pickup" they can't as it has disappeared. (Hope his makes sense) Look forward o any thoughts on how to have the Store PickUp module always available at checkout. Cheers Grandpas
  7. @@frankl Hi Frank I gave this addon a go and got the same as you in your post #4 Is this "corrected" in modules>cm_wdw_esytabs.php and modules>cm_wdw_products_inf_box.php or somewhere else as well. I only found total 2 instances should I find more. Many thanks Grandpa
  8. @@burt Hi I recently purchased and installed the Key System module. Installed extremely easily and looking forward to all the reviews coming in. Thank you Gary. Kind regards Grandpa
  9. @@aurelou Hi Many thanks, I think I have it sorted. changed CSS just a little to this @[member=media] (min-width: 768px) { .navbar { position: fixed;width:100%;z-index:1000; } } And it seems to work. Many thanks Grandp
  10. @@frankl Hi Frank Does this mean most popups and include Cheers Grandpa
  11. @@aurelou Thanks for that. Tried it with a few variations but couldn't get it to work. including changing the template file to nav-fixed-top Cheers Grandpa
  12. @@Dan Cole Hi Dan Now things make sense, and works well. Great explanation. Just wondering (remember I don't have a clue about coding) that maybe, could there be a drop down menu, or a wee explanation regarding Order status to monitor Well done Grandpa
  13. @@Dan Cole Hi Dan Looks good although I'm not sure what to expect from it. As at the moment the the complete box is empty. Ive tried various settings in the admin to see what happens but so far nought. Maybe there's something I haven't done, even made a "dumby" order Look forward to your comments. Cheers John
  14. Hi Probably a silly question, but is it possible when in sm md lg view,to have the navbar fixed and in xs view have the nabar floating. If so how please. Many thanks Grandpa
  15. @@Dan Cole Hi Dan Just thought I'd give this addon a go and see what happens. One thing I noticed (probably due to something I haven't done) Is that where the "New customer last 30 days" If I click on the link it takes me to the custonmers.php page. I thought maybe it would take me to a page where I could see who the new customers were in the last 30 days. Maybe I have misunderstood. Looks great. Cheers Grandpa