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  1. rocaholic

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi, I have this installed with dimensional support and have a problem. In the admin section, with certain products, I'm getting spammed in the UPS Boxes used with no arrays, anyone know a solution to this? If I add 1 or 2 products, it works fine but if I add 20+, just get spammed and there is no content/array.
  2. rocaholic


    Does SiteMonitor conflict with .htaccess functionality?
  3. rocaholic

    UPS Dimensions

    Er, I meant EP does not show any fields for UPS Dimensions..
  4. rocaholic

    UPS Dimensions

    Bump, would like to know..EP does have a field for dimensions.
  5. rocaholic

    UPS Dimensions

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I don't see it in EP? Oh, would it because I haven't even installed the optional Dimensional Support yet? I have the UPS XPL running though.
  6. rocaholic

    UPS Dimensions

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is a fast way to configure dimensions for products. I have many products that are the same dimensions. Something like what Easy Populate can do for products.
  7. rocaholic

    ultrapics 2.08 w/ Lightbox 2.04

    1) Bill Kellum answered this. 2) You mean why don't the image scale correctly? It looks stretched? Go to OSC Admin -> Configuration -> Images. Set the Height to 0 for Small Image, Heading, and Subcategory. The last two values are set to true. (I had this issue and found the answer somewhere around the forums.) 3) I'm going to guess that these values are associated with ultrapics (which I don't have, I use lightbox). I think for "product_details_popups" it will be the text for the image you clicked. Good luck.