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    ARB Subscription Callback

    Hi, I have signed up for a production account on AUTHROIZE.NET, and have configured the silent callback url by following these instructions 1. Log into the Merchant Interface at https://secure.authorize.net 2. Click Settings under Account in the main menu on the left 3. Click Silent Post URL in the Transaction Format Settings section 4. Enter the secondary URL to which you would like the payment gateway to copy the transaction response 5. Click Submit I am using xml api to create suscription, it returns me 200 OK status and a new subscription ID I have following piece of code working on my silent callback url $conn = mysql_connect($host, $user, $password); mysql_select_db($dbName, $conn); $text = "POST VARS:".var_export($_POST, true)."\n\nGET VARS:".var_export($_GET, true)."\n\nSERVER VARS:".var_export($_SERVER, true)."\n\n\n"; $query = 'INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME( FIELD_NAME ) VALUES("'.mysql_escape_string($text).'")'; mysql_query($query, $conn); mysql_close($conn); echo 1; exit; If i hit callback url directly, it works But authorize.net never post data on site callback url. I have contacted Authorize.net support many times, but they have no idea, Final response from them was to post on Forums Can anybody help me please to get out of this jam condition Thanks