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    Hi Jack, My sitemonitor report tells me 173 files suspected as hacked. Do I have to go through all 173 files and compare them with the originals to see if it is OK? That is an awful lot of files. Thanks.
  2. peter.tbt


    Hi Jack, One more question. If some files were flagged as hack suspect and I put them in the ignore list, if those files really get hacked then does it mean it wont be flagged? The only way out would be to determine the file size difference? Thanks.
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    Hi Jack, Great contrib from you. I use your other contribs from you as well. I have set up sitemonitor, put cron jobs etc. all is fine. I have a question: if any file has system word it gets flagged as possible hacker code. Is it advisable to change the function a bit and check for system( with an opening bracket trimming all spaces between system and opening bracket? that way simple words like system wont get flagged, reducing the number of files to check greatly Thanks.
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    fast easy checkout

    I know it has been 4 long years since this was posted, but I had exactly the same problem, I have v2.2 RC2, STS, FEC installed on latest PHP 5. My page layout was totally jumbled up in checkout_shipping page and errors were coming. Basics first, replace all <? with <?php (dont replace <?php! ) Follow all instructions in the install file, the only place it differs is step 5, it says 5)---FIND----------------- <?php if (tep_count_shipping_modules() > 0) { ?> 6)---BEFORE, ADD------------------------- <?php //BEGIN Country_based_shipping if ($allow_shipping) { //END Country_based_shipping ?> Don't add it there, in checkout_shipping.php look for: <?php require('includes/fec/products_box.php');?> above this put: <?php //BEGIN Country_based_shipping if ($allow_shipping) { //END Country_based_shipping ?> That should do it! Follow rest of the install instructions. And there is no proper forum thread for 2173 to show how it can work with FEC
  5. peter.tbt

    fast easy checkout

    I had a small problem after installing this contrib, some customers said they couldn't retrieve new passwords when they clicked on password forgotten link. The error was error: the e-mail address was not found in our records, please try again. After some study I found that the problem is with customers who have N in their createaccount col in customers table. Dont know why, I thought N would mean they dont want to create an account, but apparently this customer was trying to check the status of his order after opting to not create an account. Solution: In password_forgotten.php in your root, around line 22, delete AND createaccount!='N' If you still have problems then try editing includes/languages/english/password_forgotten.php and search for define('EMAIL_PASSWORD_REMINDER_BODY', then change remove all \n\n as it creates problems sometimes. Hope this helps someone!
  6. peter.tbt

    fast easy checkout

    Just wanted to drop in a word of thanks, this contrib is A M A Z I N G!! My customers are happier now, my store's (http://tbeyond.com) conversion rate is higher and we are really happy. I looked for the correct contrib for a few days but the threads all have problems and I was confused with all the editions. The actual contrib is also very old and I was really skeptical. But with a bit of PHP knowledge I got it to work. I know OSCOM 3 will have this feature in built which is really great. This module has combined login/account creation/shipping for me. PERFECT. I know I am asking for too much, but is it possible to combine payments pgae with confirmation page? This would really be the killer one as it will reduce one more step. Since payments page just lets people select a mode of payment (which is actually just two options for me), confirmation page is a few lines where most of my customers confirm, having them on one page will allow them to see the final order and select payment mode & just pay. Thanks for the wonderful contrib, I know it is a really old one but working wonders.
  7. Hi Jack, Thanks, I found the section, working on it. Hope to solve the problem soon!
  8. Hi jack, Thanks for taking out the time to reply. No, I don't expect both conditions to be met, I just need the filter short words = 1 to work. I cannot change the category names as it is a model of Nokia, so I have to follow the brand naming. Another way around it is NOT to filter the word in the URL if it is the same as a category, that would solve my problem, and I think it will help a lot of others as well. If you could point me to the exact place where the filtering takes place, maybe I can have a go :)
  9. Update: Solved my problem but not the way I would like. I had set the filter short words = 1 since it was filtering out my category names like C6 and C5 etc. I put filter short words = 2 and the review page is working now, no broken link (that i know of). So definitely there is a code in the contrib which was causing the broken link. I need to get the filter short words back to 1 since a lot of my 2-lettered category names are not showing up in the URL. Any help or clues? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Tnx for the advice, I will try to get it work first as the contrib has been so good till now.
  11. Hi Jack, Another thing, If I Uninstall Ultimate SEO through admin & reinstall again will it help solve my problem? Do I need to take any special care before reinstalling apart from the backup of my database? Thanks.
  12. Hi Jack, I turned it off successfully by setting Enable automatic redirects? =false Enable SEO URLs? =false Then I went to the product review of the page which was not coming with SEO URLs on, and it worked. So I would presume that the problem is with SEO URL (or related eg. .htaccess) Do you have any idea where I should start investigating since I like the SEO URLs and it is very helpful for me. Thanks.
  13. Update: SEO URLs=false problem is there in my local system also, and in the remote host as well.
  14. Hi Jack, I cleared the cache of my browser, and also set the option Reset SEO URLs Cache=Reset & went to my home page and refreshed the browser but it still didnt help. Another problem surfaced, then I set Enable SEO URLs?=False to test further, i can only go to my home page. After that if I click any product on the page, the browser status bar shows only connecting to tbeyond.com, waiting for tbeyond.com, the page dosent load. Do you have such a problem? Have you tried setting SEO URLs=false before? Thanks!
  15. Hi Jack, Ok, Ill investigate a bit. I got another problem, Google spotted it for me - product reviews page for some products shows a broken link - cannot find the page. When Im on the product page, I try to click Reviews but it gives me a broken link message. Most of the product reviews show up except some. For example, these don't work: http://tbeyond.com/luxury-silicone-case-for-apple-ipad-black-by-pdair-pr-9120.html http://tbeyond.com/luxury-silicone-case-for-nokia-e63-blue-by-pdair-pr-315.html http://tbeyond.com/luxury-silicone-case-for-nokia-e72-red-by-pdair-pr-373.html Strange, but I don't know where to start to fix the problem.