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  1. Hello, am getting the following error! PHP Warning: mysqli_free_result() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /server_path/seo.class.php on line 154 Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
  2. billyarme

    One Page Checkout Support

    I have problems while using both jquery latest 1.9 and jquery 1.3.2 for checkout. Anybody figured out how to make one page checkout to work with the latest jquery while i don't want to use two different versions of jquery at the same time? Thx
  3. billyarme

    One Page Checkout Support

    Hello everybody, I guess everybody has the same problem with me! After adding products to cart and continue to checkout, i sign in throught the login popup, choose payment/shipping method and when i click to continue my order to finalize it a get this javascript alert: Adrress errors Confirmation password does not match the password! And one more thing... After redeem a coupon and click to coninue it won't check if coupon already used by customer (if max use is set to 1) or if any more coupons available to public! I appreciate any answers... Kind regards