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  1. Tonysense

    osCommerce VTS

    Just to reply back to your answer a few weeks ago. I changed the white space settings to off and all seems to be working fine now. thank you Sijo
  2. Tonysense

    osCommerce VTS

    Hi Sijo, I have managed to install this correctly and all seems to be working fine, except when I try run ocVTS - Scan your site using 'virus.def' and 'files.def' files. I recieve a cannot connect message. If I switch debug mod to on i recieve Loaded 281 virus definitions Loaded 22 files definitions Could not connect I'm assuming that I have a setting wrong some where. My root isn't in public_htm but in htdocs, is that correct? My settings in whitespace.php is: $ftp_site = 'www.mywebsite.co.uk'; // your ftp site $ftp_usr = 'mywebsite.co.uk'; // your ftp username $ftp_pwd = 'password'; // your ftp password $ftp_root = 'htdocs'; // your ftp site root folder Other than that everything else works. Tony
  3. Simply amazing!!