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    [Contribution] STS v4

    hi, A great contribution and appreciate sharing your effort. is this the same thing for default.php.html? I am fairly new to osc and wasn't quite sure about index.php so i used the default mode. wanted a separate look just on the top page so i created default.php.html. everything seemed to be ok until i switched languages, it showed content of the includes/"language"/default.php and not from the default.php.html. that is: http://mydomain/default.php -> ok. http://mydomain/default.php/language/ja -> not using default.php.html or http://mydomain/default.php/language/en -> not using default.php.html before i edited the default.php directory which worked but i have to use the same template. also sts_template.html works just fine for all pages. btw i have tweaked it to work on MS1 which is currently the supported japanese version. i know it's not supported version but i would very much apprecaite for a pointer.