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  1. I read also what was wrong with 2.8.4, but now, at least for me, it's working like this. I didn't change anything but a single file, and I think now after so many bugs fixed it might work fine. Anyway, it's a great contribution from everyone who was involved. Too bad OSC is not so expansive like CS-Cart or Magento. Maybe in a future version OSC will have a installer like Joomla, for all contribs. All the best and if I have some problems I will report them here.
  2. Well, I think you don't know how valuable is your work with this Addon and after all those bugs fixed you can forget about old features :D. So I took the freedom of testing the latest version with only one file from the old 2.8.4 version :D. It's about: attributeManagerPlaceHolder.inc.php I took it from the 2.8.4 version and add it to 2.8.9 version and BELIEVE me, it's working for adding new products :D (from version 2.8.5 you disabled this feature :D) I tested it and here is a product added with my minor mod: http://www.didis-shop.com/product_info.php?products_id=124 If it's working without problems you can make it v2.9 :D Hope my idea to help.
  3. Can anyone confirm if this Addon works for adding new products ? For me it's only working when editing products.
  4. Nobody mentioned anywhere that attributes will be set After saving the product. Personally I thought that attributes will be set even when I create a new product. This is the Info bubble says, first to save than set attributes. But it's the same procedure like the standard one from OSC. And in this case this addon doesn't help anyone with nothing. If you can't set attributes when you create a new product it's useless. The question is: does this addon work when you first create a product or only for modifying the products ? I hope I'm wrong. Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply. PS: Regarding other systems and browsers, it does the same thing everywhere, I tested it with all known browsers, and javascript it's working, in fact everything it's working.
  5. I have the same problem. Anyone can help us ? Thanks a lot.
  6. bogdansbg

    product extra fields

    Product Extra Fields 2.1a It says full package and there is no full package of files. Only instructions on how to modify each file. Can anyone send me the full package or give me a link for a full package of latest release ? Thanks
  7. bogdansbg


    The addon is not working. I sent you a email. I followed the instructions perfectly until I reached the line: "Once done, you have to move the picture and the description" - from there the instructions are wrong. Also the instructions for new_products.php are wrong. Please review the installation tutorial, it's a excellent addon that deserves to work at full. Looking forward to your reply.