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    IP trap Version 3 released

    Hello Wayne! Since you didn't come back on this and nobody else either, I thought I should tell what I found about on this. I installed the contrib too and I'm glad about having someone like FIMBLE who cares about the hacking issues - big up FIMBLE and massive respect! Anyway, after installing it didn't work at all with the textfiles, so i played arround a bit with the /personal/index.php. I found out that the references to the DOCUMENT_ROOT var didn't resolve. Finally I changed: $ipw = file ('DOCUMENT_ROOT/../../banned/Whitelist.txt'); to $ipw = file ("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/catalog/banned/Whitelist.txt"); and $IPtrap = file ('DOCUMENT_ROOT/../../banned/IP_Trapped.txt'); to $IPtrap = file ("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/catalog/banned/IP_Trapped.txt"); and $fp = fopen ('DOCUMENT_ROOT/catalog/banned/IP_Trapped.txt', 'w'); to $fp = fopen ("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/catalog/banned/IP_Trapped.txt", 'w'); I hope this will help someone and besides, if anybody thinks this variation implies any bad efects, please let me know. Peace, dirk