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  1. Where can my developer get the pro version?
  2. Okay, I am down in the trenches again: To change the domains based on the region of the domains my programmer used this addon: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7377 Th config used in SEOURL5 is as follows: Enable SEO URLs=>true Turn degug reporting on/off.=>false Set the number of days to store the cache=>7 Remove all non-alphanumeric characters=>false Choose URL Rewrite Typ=>rewrite Output W3C valid URLs=>true Filter Short Words=>3 Add category parent to beginning of URLs=>true Add cPath to product URLs=>false Select caching system=>FileSystem What my programmer wants to get is this: www.sito.com/categoria/sottocategoria/prodotto.php www.sito.fr/categorie/souscategorie/produit.php But what we actually get is this! www.sito.com/sottocategoria-prodotto.php www.sito.fr/souscategorie-produit.php Here's an extract of the htaccess if this helps: RewriteRule ^(.*)-p-(.*).html$ product_info.php?products_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} RewriteRule ^(.*)-c-(.*).html$ index.php?cPath=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} Can someone help? Thanks
  3. No worries, glad it's all sorted now. Looks like that component with the multilang switched off is going to do exactly what I wanted. Funny thing is that my programmer was using that one before...then he installed the other. :)
  4. Yes this is what happens. the magic happens in the file application_top.php and in configure.php. He smells the domain, if .fr the language is French if .es the language is Spanish. Thanks for your continued help with this. Would be very nice if there were a way to set domain names instead of rewritten folders. IE if domain.com/fr/ then www.domain.fr if domdian.com/es/ then www.domain.es not a programmer, but do know what works in the SE's.
  5. Thanks. However the problem I have is that the two domains are in fact based on one installation. that means that I can't literally install the component twice, I would just install it once. does that make sense to you.
  6. PetersonJa

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    Do not redirect based on Browser Language. I can tell you for a fact that with the browser lang detect option in OS commerce active, it was causing Google to got all over the place. :)
  7. I started with an impartial question. But there seems to be some friction between two SEOURL developers here which I've walked into. But before I go I'd like to ask the developer (not the one I'm referencing below) whether the beta component will allow me to rewrite across domains. I have a .fr domain and a .es domain. When someone switches language the domains switch completely. It's currently working in the other REWRITE component, but the URL with the slash is not. Is this possible with your component - I see that for example if you have two languages a rewrite scenarion might be domain.com/it or domain.com/fr. Is it posssible to configure it so that instead of adding a subfolder it just redirects to the relevant domain. AND FOR THE JACK_mcs Not an assumption fool. Neither am I saying that a slash is going to be the difference between position 1 and position 20. But I have to say, you've gnarled me now, so let me give you a little education before I start with my day in the office. Unless you work at Google, all things are completely hypertheticcal. If you quote Matt Cutts you clearly believe that what he says is acutally something you should take as gospel. That's your second big mistake. And it is a big one. Learn to discect Public Relations from an algorithim. I don't work with multimillion dollar clients and get them on the first page of Google listening to Matt Cutts. I don't pay Adwords a dime, it's pure organic. In fact if I followed his advice I'd be swimming with the likes of you. Here's a secret too. I'm glad that there are people like you listening to Matt Cutts, because by doing so you make my life SO MUCH EASIER. Because when I take over digruntled clients it's largely because the client agency has been working with someone with your mindset. Wake up...on second thoughts....don't, it makes me more money. :)
  8. It seems that there are a few exasperated programmers here too. Without getting into it too much, let me say that / based url rewriting IS the way to go. But I won't attempt to convert people who don't think so. But I will say that my first page results in Google are for keywords where competition is up around the 30million mark, so you can judge for yourself whether I am knowledgable or not. Hoping that a solution can be provided. Do I need to install the beta version or is there another URL rewrite package I should be using. Thank you community.
  9. Hi there, I'm doing my programmer a favour because I've never seen him in the condition he is now. For the past 3 hours he has been battling with the source code of SEOURL 2.2 to try and get a URL that is like this: http://domain.eu/clothing-coats-jackets-c-21_80_83.html to become this: http://domain.eu/clothing/coats/jackets/c-21_80_83.html But it's just not happening. Please can someone here help me to end his pain. Thank you.