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  1. smurfi_wsz

    bekannte Abmahngründe

    zum thema ssl nochmal: desto mehr verschlüsselt wird, desto besser wird das ganze mal (in ferner zukunft)...das "rauschen" in den leitungen soll ja größer werden und der klartextanteil abnehmen (karl-meier-mustermann muss nicht wissen welchen kuchen ich gerne esse)...zum thema email: pgp bzw. gpg sollte doch mittlerweile jeder hier oder dort gehört haben und es sollte doch jeder bestrebt sein, seine daten nur verschlüsselt durch das netz zu schubsen. ob das nun omas rezept für pflaumenkuchen ist oder eben besagte kreditkartendaten ist dabei egal. denn wer nichts mitlesen kann, kann auch so schnell keine rückschlüsse ziehen und irgendwelche daten miteinander verknüpfen. marketing hin oder her...
  2. great works out of the box for 2.3.1 with this minor change mentioned above thx alot again
  3. smurfi_wsz

    Checkout by Amazon for osCommerce Support Thread

    same quertion like the prev. post but from germany? currently we use pl...-systems and they've a module called amazon payments and it's working ... but we'll move to osc and we need this payment type cause many customers used to use it!!! are there contribs for generating a catalog.csv which i can upload to my sellercentral-europe account, not the s***y .xcl cause i'm on linux and don't like that m$-crap :-" ?
  4. smurfi_wsz

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    if ( in_array("mod_rewrite", apache_get_modules()) ) echo "mod rewrite on"; else echo "Huh, dude u don't have"; and httpd -M shows me that mod_rewrite is fired up and running RewriteBase is set to "/" according to the DocumentRoot in httpd.conf, cause the shop resides there, .htaccess too -- should be a pretty nice setting, right? AllowOverride was set to None changed to All, which was the error in my case... changed the setting and tried and tried and ... wtf nothing happens... so @all with the same error: DON'T FORGET TO RESTART YOUR APACHE-SERVER, eg. apachectl restart @FWR Media, you are a really smart person B) thx thx thx
  5. nice contrib and very helpfull nEXT :thumbsup:
  6. smurfi_wsz

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    nice contrib and works out of the box in standard mode :) i gave up with rewrite...404 and no clue..all done like explained :-/ the standard mode is what i need except the loaded php file should be altered to a dash (-) and the p-/c-part becomes an extra "dir" so it would look like some.domain.tld/-/my_article_name/p-23 or some.domain.tld/-/some_category_name/c-23_25 any ideas & thx in advance