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  1. altermate

    Digital Downloads

    Hi... I want to offer digital downloads/ebooks for sale. I would like info how to go about this. I tried to download Super Download Shop but all I got when I unzipped it was text telling me where to go to get a different version. Can someone help me?
  2. altermate

    How do I access the Australia Post DRC

    I also use the Auspost module but I don't get the same price for postage as the online auspost calculator..... My website seems to charge alot more.. Any ideas why?
  3. I am a noob and I need an add-on (which is very simple to install) that allows me to have seperate postage costs per product. I want to have postage costs that are ranging in price.... or have a postage calculator installed. Thanx in advance
  4. altermate

    Syntax error with Security Pro

    It's 2008 osCommerce... ($_GET + $_POST) Does that require a certain minimum level of PHP? I'm unsure what that line above means... Ummm... I just copied and pasted what you entered above and it seems to be working. I have turned security pro turned on in the admin and so far theres no error... thanx.. fingers crossed. A big THANK YOU... Oh, is there a way I can tell it's working?
  5. altermate

    Syntax error with Security Pro

    I'm using Osc 2.2 and I only copied and pasted it into the correct .php.... I'm an extreme amatuer at this and It's all a hit and miss. Thanx
  6. altermate

    Syntax error with Security Pro

    thanx..... I'll persist..
  7. altermate

    Syntax error with Security Pro

    I did and now it says line 76 error... I'll keep tryin. // FWR Media Security Proif ( defined('FWR_SECURITY_PRO_ON') && FWR_SECURITY_PRO_ON === 'true' ) {$fwr_security_excludes = array();if ( defined('FWR_SECURITY_PRO_FILE_EXCLUSIONS_ON') && FWR_SECURITY_PRO_FILE_EXCLUSIONS_ON === 'true' )$fwr_security_excludes = explode(',', FWR_SECURITY_PRO_FILE_EXCLUSIONS);if ( !in_array(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), $fwr_security_excludes) )include('includes/functions/security.php');}if ( function_exists('tep_clean_get__recursive') ) {// Recursively clean $HTTP_GET_VARS and $_GET// There is no legitimate reason for these to contain anything but ..// A-Z a-z 0-9 -(hyphen).(dot)_(underscore) {} space$HTTP_GET_VARS = tep_clean_get__recursive($HTTP_GET_VARS);$_GET = tep_clean_get__recursive($_GET);$_REQUEST = $_GET + $_POST; // $_REQUEST now holds the cleaned $_GET and std $_POST. $_COOKIE has been removed.fwr_clean_global($_GET); // Change the $GLOBALS value to the cleaned value}// END - FWR Media Security Pro thats what i entered
  8. I install Securitypro and there was a syntax error as follows Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND in /home/sharingy/public_html/includes/application_top.php on line 75 any ideas??