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  1. Hi all- I need a quick bit of advice/help on trying to figure out one of my shipping module issues. I currently have a UPS module installed with rate quotes and such, and all works fine (as I have processed order with it already) this addon :,1323 On some of my items I want to offer just a standard flat rate shipping of $5.50 without the option of UPS popping up. However, on the larger items such as 20 lbs and up, I want those to be ONLY ups enabled. Now, if I enter a weight of ZERO for any given item (such as one of the ones I want to ship for $5.50) the item has NO ups choices come up and a ship price of $0. (I already found where I can change that $0 to $5.50)---but, during the checkout process that $0 field (for a zero weight item) comes up with a UPS prefix next to it (it says Next Day Air). What am I missing ? Is there any line/file I can edit to change that out ? Or is it a glitch with the UPS module perhaps ? Thanks for ANY help ~JB