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  1. krdito

    Product Listing Grid Distorts Images

    All of my product images are 200x250. When go into the Admin Panel -> Configuration ->Images and delete the image width (that is, removing the 200 and leaving the filed blank), I get significantly worse distortion, extending outside of the product's "box." The same thing happens if I add back the image width and remove the image height.
  2. krdito

    Product Listing Grid Distorts Images

    I looked at my site in different browsers, and the pictures are fine in Firefox, but become distorted in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I need to investigate if there is a way to prevent these browsers from adjusting the size of the images.
  3. krdito

    Product Listing Grid Distorts Images

    I removed the horizontal image dimension in the admin panel, and it made the distortion significantly worse. I "undid" that and removed the vertical image dimension, and had the same worsening of the distortion. Am I understanding correctly that it is a browser issue? Is there a way to prevent browsers from adjusting the size of the images? The current distortion isn't horrible, but it makes the products look taller and narrower that the actual image. I am an older lady and am scared of updating to a better system, likely because I don't know anything about it (have learned the current version over the 17 years I have run this site). The last time there was a major change in versions, I had to have the site completely rebuilt. Perhaps it is not a good thing to try to get along with the current version...I don't know?!
  4. krdito

    Product Listing Grid Distorts Images

    I have version 2.3.3. Thank you!
  5. I having been trying to figure this issue out for weeks and am finally asking for help! On my website, I have my products in each product category shown in a grid presentation, with 3 products per row. I have noticed that my image (200x250) is distorted (looks longer and narrower than the actual image). You can see the difference in the attached picture showing the grid view on the left and the picture shown when you click on the product on the right. It seems like the "box" in which each product is contained on the grid is perhaps too tall, which distorts or spreads the image longer than the actual image size. I have adjusted cell padding, etc., but can't make the image look like it should. Forgive my ignorance, but I am sure this is an easy fix that I just can't seem to work out. Thank you for your help!
  6. 10 years after this original thread, I made the code change recommended in the top post by tc0nn, and it worked! My situation - my site is set up to default to the cheapest of two shipping methods, Priority Mail and Express Mail. Today, I decided to offer free Priority Mail shipping, but in making it free, the site now defaulted to Express Mail (certainly not the cheapest). After reading many, many threads on this topic, I stumbled upon this one, and my problem was solved! Thank you!!
  7. krdito

    Orders attached to wrong customer after payment

    To correct the problem I had with customer orders showing up under other customer's accounts (likely due to customers coming in from Google with the same session ID), I changed my site settings as follows: Force Cookie Usage = true Prevent Spider Sessions = true Recreate Session = true However, I am still having customer orders show up under the wrong account. Is there some other setting change that needs to be made? This happens about once per week and looks to be that the order from a customer who checks out without creating a account gets attached to a customer who created an account. My site does not accept Paypal, so it is not a Paypal issue in this case. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  8. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    Peper - sorry to hear you are having issues too. Although our issues are different, I wonder if there is a problem with the module achieving the correct order total? I provided details and screen shots to the writer of this module. Unfortunately, neither he or I were not able to find a resolution for my issue, so I have manually correct the order total in the database : ( Would be interested to hear if you are able to find a fix for yours.
  9. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    CORRECTION: The above post should say that the order "total shown to the patient on the checkout_payment and checkout_confirmation" page is INCORRECT in both places.
  10. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    If I change the customer choice of insurance from true to false, the order total is still incorrect. It is correct on the order total show to the patient on the checkout_payment and checkout_confirmation pages. We don't use Paypal, so it is not a Paypal issue.
  11. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    Here is an international customer's receipt, showing the incorrect order total: http://s198.photobucket.com/user/canyonchenille/media/insuranceexample.jpg.html Had the customer NOT selected international shipping insurance, the order total adds up correctly. What is really odd is when I look in the database in phpMyAdmin in the orders_total list, the line items are all listed correctly, but they don't total up to the correct amount. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  12. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    Here is a link to the module setting in my Admin panel: http://s198.photobucket.com/user/canyonchenille/media/Insurance%20Module%20Settings.jpg.html I am working to get an example of a customer's invoice that shows the order total error and will post that ASAP. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    If I send you a picture of the settings in my Admin panel and a customer invoice where the order total is not correct, will this help? This error only happens for international customers who select insurance.
  14. krdito

    Shipping Insurance - 2.3?

    I have been using this shipping insurance module since we launched our new site in August of 2014 and recently noticed that it does not add up the international insurance correctly. The customer is being overcharged less than a dollar, but I would like to fix it. Oddly, when I look at the orders_total in the database, each line item is listed correctly, but adding them up results in an overcharge to the customer. Any idea how to correct this?? Looks like it has been this way all along, but the overcharged amount was small enough (always < $1) , we never noticed it! BTW - Insurance for US orders adds up correctly, and international customers who don't chose insurance also receive the correct total. Thank you!
  15. krdito

    Purchase Without Account problem

    We have this same problem! Guest customer doesn't complete checkout, but comes back later to check out. Because the system has retained the customer info (i.e., not deleted because the customer did not submit an order), the system thinks the customer actually has an account and requires the customer to log in. Customer doesn't have an account, so they don't have a password and password reset doesn't work. Very frustrating for the customer! Daily, we check the database and remove these temporary accounts (easy to identify because password reset key fields says "NULL.") However, the issue is if the customer comes back before we delete their temporary account, they are caught up on the login requirement scenario as described in the first paragraph. Is there a way to fix this? Perhaps there is a way to add code to delete the temporary account if the customer does not submit an order after a certain amount of time? Thanks for any help you can provide!