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  1. dreumel

    Quick Product Updates for osc 2.3+

    Hi John, Is there a way to implement a search function? Like the one in the admin/categories tab? Great add-on!
  2. dreumel

    Quick Product Updates for osc 2.3+

    if the image does not appear in the top right corner change line 538 and 543 " . '/images' . to " . 'images/' . " in quick_updates.php.
  3. dreumel

    Tabbed Product Admin

    Hi Jim. I fixed it (I think). The (admin) template_top.php referred to jquery-2.2.3. I changed it to jquery-3.1.1 and everything worked perfectly. Perhaps because i have added ckeditor?? Thanks, beautifull adonn.
  4. dreumel

    Tabbed Product Admin

    Oscommerce Edge. I have downloaded it after november 2016 and added a few addons. The categories.php is hardcoded ($_POST and $_GET) . Usually I look for general updates at tehe site of Gburton. at github.com. My shop is www.art-ty.nl.
  5. dreumel

    [Addon] Extended Reviews

    I would like to change the sentence in: define('REVIEWS_TEXT_RATED_LETKNOW','Let other customers know about this product.'); as you mentioned in 'catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\content\product_info\cm_pi_extended_reviews.php I can not find it in that file. Can you help me out?
  6. I made a mistake in making a copy out of your ' modified files ' (reviews.php). After restoring the backup database I removed the '(content)login without account form' and reinstalled it. Now I get the error ' API call failed: Error executing API call (request): The webhook location is invalid.' but I think this is caused by a payement module because I have installed everything local. So I think it is OK now. The module is surely great because customers realy asked for it. Thanks!
  7. In a local (modified) installed Osc EDGE shop: after install PWA 2.4 (without Paypal integration) I keep getting 1054 - Unknown column 'reviews_key' in 'field list' update orders set reviews_key = 'WNe6KkyhdteY' where customers_id = '753' and orders_id = '14731' after checkout (when normaly i have to get into the confirmation page). When I turn off the module completely, everything is fine. I have searched in queries, but not found it, perhaps overlooked...
  8. dreumel

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Can't get the percentage to work with your latest version. Can you give the bugfix?? thanks in advance. Martin