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    Does anyone know the code to put this in the tools menu instead of the left column?
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    This is a kewl contribution. I have a question. How can I remove files from the hacked list if I know their safe? I've gone back and pulled most of these off the install zip file and they are still coming up? 5 download.php 5 includes/functions/compatibility.php 5 includes/functions/general.php 2 includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php 5 xxx/configuration.php 5 xxx/modules.php 1 xxx/sitemonitor_configure.php 5 xxx/includes/classes/phplot.php 5 xxx/includes/functions/general.php 5 xxx/includes/javascript/calendarcode.js 5 xxx/includes/javascript/spiffyCal/spiffyCal_v2_1.js 5 xxx/includes/modules/newsletters/product_notification.php Many times this appears to be the code location: osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions I've tried the delete Reference File and everything appears to be working but the above files are not safe? "1 xxx/sitemonitor_configure.php " first line is <?php