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  1. there was a contribution a couple days ago in here that i could not seem to download one day cause i was on a different computer but i was just informed that we will now have to authenicate to our mail server to send mail can someone help me find that or lead me on a way to figure out how to authinicate to the server so it will send my store emails thanks

    support tickets 2.6

    i keep getting this error in this program but can not solve it can someone help me here is the error Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_SL in C:httpdHTDOCScatalogadminpd_admin_tracking.php on line 123 and here is my line 123 <<<<<<< pd_admin_tracking.php and when i search for more instances of this same thing i get it on line 160 as well can soemone please help

    Admin auth Ver 1.0

    I have relesed a beta of my admin protection it works but needs some clean up i think i dont know i know it works for me anyone that can use it please take a look at it and see if it works for you! You can see it here http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,785/type,6

    Were to find?

    I have browsed a few stores and seen some features i liked one that caught my eye is the images in the spot of the buy it now button for instance when a person clicks on a catagory they see a plain list of titles and a price well i seen a shop or 2 with pictures next to the price were might i find the contribution for that please?

    password protect for windows systems

    i am not using iis i am using omni httpd for a server but thinking about going to the phpdev i just downloaded
  6. is there a cont. for password protecting the admin for a windows box?