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  1. I can highly recommend the Mini Template System. We have been using it for many years on our production website for Friendly Stranger. In fact, we've just hit an all time sales high, our busiest online month ever, and in a February?!. It is easy to use and very simple to set up, and your entire site becomes modular! The power available to customize your site becomes infinite. Through the use of Page Profiles, you can custom tailor every page of your site to look exactly as you wish. The included modules allow for the creation of beautiful front pages, banners wherever you want on your site (both image and text) and a variety of link boxes that can be tailored to your needs. We are in the middle of building a completely new webshop using the newest fully responsive version of MTS. Since Google is now demoting sites that are not fully responsive, and maintaining separate mobile and desktop sites is a nightmare, MTS is the easiest way to go! It has far more power built in then the current Bootstrap Versions of OSC in development. It utilizes all the original OSCommerce code and leaves the main files virtually untouched. The best part of MTS is George's support. The blog's detailed instructions, suggestions and guides are outstanding, but if you get stuck a simple email to George and a solution is in hand. I can't say enough good things about the Mini Template System! Not often do you get more than your money's worth, but you definitely do with MTS. Robin Ellins Proprietor Friendly Stranger Toronto, Ontario Canada
  2. I have been trying to get this to work in 2.3.3 with no success. I can not get it to display the images. I have it working fine in 2.2 rc2. Both sites are on the same server, and all server side requirements are met for GD. Has anyone got this up and running on 2.3.3? If you have, could you please share HOW you managed to get it working. I don't want to take my new site live without it. Thank you, Robin
  3. beatznbleepz

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Hello. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing contribution. I was able to install this into my live, heavily modified site without a single issue. The documentation and ease of install makes this a no brainer choice. To be sure - I backed up my copies of all files to be modified first. I then modified all the required files and uploaded same over top of originals. Couldn't have been an easier installation, and it has a great configuration section in admin! Again, many thanks. Robin Ellins webshop.friendlystranger.com Ultimate_SEO_URLSv22d_9
  4. beatznbleepz

    Random Catagorys Image

    I have installed it and it works like a charm! Thank you for adding this feature to oscommerce - keeps the site looking fresh. I do need help with one thing. I have just used Easy Populate to upload 2500+ products to the shop. (Nice!) The upload included all of the filenames for the images. The images will be uploaded one at a time as the pictures are taken!! The products are all flagged as inactive. Is there a way to have the Random Catagory Image script - only show ACTIVE products? Maybe a small change to the way the images are retrieved from the database? It will let me take the site live a lot sooner if I can continue to show random catagory images from ACTIVE products only. Thank you in advance for your help. Robin