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  1. Bobojan

    Danish for 2.3.1

    Ja tak vil også meget gerne have det :-)
  2. Bobojan


    Hi Jack_mcs There is a problem i cant downlaod your contribution from oscommerece. And is the new version fixed so when you choose show route from address, cause it didnt work before. Thanks alot
  3. please folks i really need it, i cant see the website on iphone 4 it comes blank site, what shall i do
  4. Please steve can u send me a new version, cause it doesnt work on my website
  5. Bobojan

    Range of zip codes for local deliver 3.0

    i also need this arent there a way for choosing a postcode between let say 1000-1500 and 1500-1600 and so on. Thanks
  6. Bobojan

    Ship by costumer postcode

    Hello all i found what i needed http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1993 it perfect, but the problem is can anyone tell med how to change so instead of writing the postcode in order like 1000,1001,1002 and so on op to 2000, cant i make it so it reads from 1000 - 2000 it means between 1000 to 2000 it shall cost 50, because in the textfield area i cant write more then 100 characters.
  7. Bobojan

    Ship by costumer postcode

    Hi evrybody i hope some one Can help, i need to have a shipping based on costumers postcode that hé intered when hé registered. Fx. If i Can choose from my admin that from postcode 0-1000 it cost 50 and from 1001-2000 it cost 100 and so ón. It should automatic read costumers postcode then it goes by it. Hope somebody Can help thanks by the whay.