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  1. I have been looking for the same solution. Have looked through this forum and not found anything. Pity us non php programmers :'( Specific needs involve that if a Company Name and Company tax Id have been entered, then a lookup for both values is done on a new table. If the value pair exists in this new table, then the new customer is assigned to a particular group. THX.
  2. Yes. Here is a screen shot of the currency settings in my osCommerce: (see if there's a problem)
  3. Newbie to forum/osCommerce/AlertPay module, but relatively tech literate. Installed AlertPay module in my osCommerce shopping cart. When user selects AlertPay as the payment method, they get sent to (so far so good). But I get the following error message: "Sorry, the seller's payment button settings are incorrect [Currency field is invalid]." I have installed the Alertpay modules "as-is". I have looked at the php code and unless a reference is bad, I don't see any glaring issues. Anyone encounter this problem before? I have searched the forum and can't find anything like it. Seems like everyone's problems with Alertpay is after-the-fact. AlertPay, themselves, offers the following information: "The "Sorry, the seller's payment button settings are incorrect [Currency field is invalid]..." error message usually occurs when our checkout page (PayProcess.aspx) did not receive any values for the expected button parameters, i.e. ap_currency, ap_merchant, etc. One major cause of this message is that our buttons are placed inside a HTML frame. Since we have frame breakers in place for security purposes, the button will post empty data to our PayProcess.aspx page which will trigger the message. The second cause is that the button POSTs to instead of Notice the 's' in https, this causes of buttons to misbehave since sometimes the transaction goes through and other times it does not. From the description of your issue, the latter seems to be the cause. Please verify that your buttons are posting to" Help! Thanks!