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  1. joeyoyo

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    I have an issue at the moment -from what I can see HSBC requires DLL files to be installed on the server, but my server with Nativespace is a linux server. They are clear that they cannot help with OS Commerce stuff - I just need to speak to OS Commerce (hmmmm) and that DLL files only run on windows servers. I am not sure but is this really the case? Is anyone running the HSBC CPI module on a Linux server? Do I need to change host, and if so can anyone recommend a hosting site on which they are sucessfully running HSBC CPI? Is anyone running a more straightforward and problem free payment gateway that they can recommend? Looking through the payment modules none of them seem that problem free. I want to go live my the end of April, and at the moment am just chasing my tail- this is the first time I have set up a website - am i being unrealistic? Can anyone recommend a next step? Cheers Joe
  2. joeyoyo

    With and without www.

    Not an expert by any manner or means, but can you not speak to your host about it? Perhaps a redirect might work, I had a similar issue with SSL certification and was able to set up a redirect in my control panel, or alternatively speak directly to the host. Hope that helps Cheers Joe
  3. joeyoyo


    Hi am currently struggling a little with making a decision about payment modules - just when you think you have made a decision you get asked a question which makes no sense. How do I know if I want API or CPI? What are the implications of each and does anyone have a recommendation having used one which you feel works well. A simple summary of the differences would be helpful. Cheers Joe