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  1. tschmid


    The startdirectory is the local provider-path ... ist this right? In this case my Site-Manager configuration would not be the Problem. The Hacker-excludes seems to work as well as the log-files, but the sitemonitor_reference.php doesn´t change its size. I don,t know what is going wrong.
  2. tschmid


    Thanks for your reply, My installation of Oscommerce is in a subdirectory on the Webserver. The Mismatches are written in the Log-files, but the reference-file has made no changes. If I change the startdirectory-entry I will get the "invalid username"-failure. Do the startdirectory have to point to the catalog-directory or what do you mean with the shop-root?
  3. tschmid


    I have the same Problem as DESROG, but in my case the sitemonitor_reference.php-file is keeping empty (0 Bytes). The rights on this file are 777 but i can press "Delete the reference file and create a new one" using the TOP-button. The file keeps empty again. What can be the problem? Thanks for your help
  4. HI, After I've read thhe topic i have successfully installed this Contrib. But I couldn't find any solution for applying the anti robots registration V3.1 contrib to "tell_a_friend.php". I've found only a Sample-Source for V2.5 , but the files are too different and I'm not a PHP-Expert. Maybe anyone can give me instructions to modify "tell_a_friend.php", please? Thank you Tom (Sorry about my bad english, but I am not a native english speaking Guy ;)