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  1. Ariadnetheweaver

    PHP Intrusion Detection System for osCommerce

    Hi yes, I made sure that Security PRO is called after PHPIDS (I did say I read the instructions very carefully, and that's in there). Haven't changed that. I don't think that can be the problem. When I input ANY string of letters after the URL for testing, it just takes me to a page that says "that page doesn't exist", which I guess is good - I've checked that adding stuff to basket, using the search facility etc does still work.
  2. Ariadnetheweaver

    PHP Intrusion Detection System for osCommerce

    Hi! I've just installed the latest version (after removing the old one according to instructions) and I'm not sure it's working. All installed and code checked to see if I'd done it correctly the first time, and on to the testing stage. When I add "?id=1&test=">XXX" to the main index url, it simply takes me to a "page not found". Is this because either PHPIDS or FWR Security PRO (also latest update) is stripping out the "bad" code, or have I installed it incorrectly? This is my main index page: http://www.ariadnetheweaver.org/index.php and what I was clicking on (after changing "Show Intrusion Result" to "true" http://www.ariadnetheweaver.org/index.php?id=1&test=">XXX simply gets me "the page cannot be found" generic error page. I'm hoping this is good news.. but want to make sure I've not done something wrong (I've followed the instructions very carefully!)
  3. Ariadnetheweaver

    IP trap Version 3 released

    hi I also installed v4 today, and found the whitelist doesn't work. I've tried with my IP at both the top and the bottom, and neither made a difference. >-- installed, according to instructions >-- tested, by going to /ariadnetheweaver.org/personal >-- got "you've been blocked" page. >-- added my IP to whitelist.txt, uploaded the changed file. >-- changed the banned.txt file so it did NOT include my IP address. still can't visit /personal without being banned, despite my IP being on the whitelist..
  4. Ariadnetheweaver


    ah, tracked down the issue. I hadn't manually put the actual path in the DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT in the configure file, as everything else had worked with just the default variable that was there. Thanks, seems to work now :) I admire your patience in dealing with idiots like me :)
  5. Ariadnetheweaver


    path /domains/ariadnetheweaver.org/wwwroot/sitemonitor_configure.php /domains/ariadnetheweaver.org/wwwroot/ (I really appreciate your help) aahh, is /admin the bit I'm missing?
  6. Ariadnetheweaver


    Hi Jack The shops configure file is fine. I've checked the path in admin>-modules, and it is /domains/ariadnetheweaver.org/wwwroot/includes (and then /modules) so, I've used the same path in the sitemonitor "start directory" box. The problem is that the drop down box is not populated at all - assume because it needs to be saved before seeing where the path is. But I can't save it until I enter something in the field. Feels like a catch 22 to me, but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, can't see where it is. Well, I sorted it. I filled the settings in manually in the sitemonitor configure file and simply uploaded the changes. Put exactly the same things in, and it worked. I got around it, but the addon did not work quite the way it was supposed to. It's installed now, anyway :) ~~~ or so I thought. ran the "delete reference file" top button. message: sitemonitor_reference.php has been deleted! First time ran. Reference file was created and saved excellent. ran the second button (Execute) No mismatches found great :) third button worked perfectly fourth button !!! Could not open the Configure file !!! No hacked files were found. I'm assuming it failed because I didn't set up cron/curl (whatever that is).. However on running the top button again, it said "First time ran. Reference file was created and saved" um, not the first time... looks like I'm close, anyway. Even when I open the configure screen again, everything is blank, no matter what I fill in, it resets itself.
  7. Ariadnetheweaver


    Hi Jack I just installed SiteMonitor today, followed the instructions, right up until "-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 5: Go to admin->Sitemonitor->Configure, setup the various settings and click Update." No directories appear in the drop down, and whenever I put anything in the exclusion box, it simply shows it as a red bar error message above the main part of the page. I'm filling in the following settings: Always email (tick) verbose (tick) both email addresses start directory - now, I'm not sure exactly what is needed here. I've tried "\", "c:\domains\ariadnetheweaver.org\wwwroot\" (obviously without the "") The exclude selector box only comes up with "make selection" and no selections are offered. I have tried '\admin', "\admin", and various exceptions in the box, and with no luck. I get the following error message: Warning: opendir(\) [function.opendir.php]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in C:\Domains\ariadnetheweaver.org\wwwroot\admin\includes\functions\sitemonitor_functions.php on line 418 **amended to say the above message disappears when I choose "c:/domains/ariadnetheweaver.org/wwwroot/" (I always get the damn / and \ the wrong way around. However, it still wants me to put an exclude file in the box, and whatever I put in, it doesn't like, with / or \ or without either... ** Any ideas? I'd appreciate some help as I'm trying to make my site as secure as possible, following a recent hack. >-- when I go to "admin" section, obviously it hasn't liked something, as the warning message above reappears when I click the top update button (delete reference file). I'm assuming this is because of the error in the configuration meaning that it hasn't saved my settings, as when I go to setup again, they have vanished.
  8. Ariadnetheweaver

    Syntax error with Security Pro

    found the solution :) in this thread here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/265215-call-to-a-member-function-add-current-page-on-a-non-object/ interestingly enough, searching on the forum failed to find it, but google managed. thanks for your reply though
  9. Ariadnetheweaver

    Syntax error with Security Pro

    Hi! I've also got a problem with Security Pro. Following the instructions. Uploaded the SecurityPro_installer.php to my website (I don't have a /catalog directory, so uploaded it to root. Your instructions say to run the installer and THEN upload the security.php file, and THEN make the page changes. However, on navigating to /(mywebsite)/securitypro_installer.php, I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to a member function add_current_page() on a non-object in C:\Domains\ariadnetheweaver.org\wwwroot\includes\application_top.php on line 313 can you help please?